50 Reasons to Eat Mexican Food Every Day!

…because why not?

At Tres Hombres we could probably think of a million different reasons to eat Mexican Food every day, so we thought we would share our top 50:

1.) the sizzle from fajitas

2.)  Margaritas!

3.) the option of “extra cheese please”

4.) the colorful assortment of plates

5.) guacamole!

6.) so you can beat your sibling at a burrito eating contest


7.) because the free chips and salsa at Tres at the BEST!

8.) so you can order a la carte meals

9.) the bean options…

10.) you can grow a fat mustache, and wear it well

11.) you can also make a fashion statement (with that stache…)

12.) lean shredded meat = get buff

13.) the excitement when your server places nachos down on your table


14.) because you’re tired of putting sriracha on everything but you crave spicy food

15.) because tortillas are just too good

16.) and you just love “wraps”

17.) you’re a burrito monster hiding from the authorities

18.) folding burritos increases your mental dexterity

19.) it’s your comfort food and you like to be comfortable

20.) the food coma

Food Com

21.) the rice

22.) because cilantro doesn’t taste like soap to you

23.) so you can say you did and instagram it

24.) Coronas with lime

25.) the fun music in the background

26.) extra sour cream and guac, because you only live once…

27.) those cute little bowls of salsa for dipping


28.) the seasonings and more seasonings!

29.) quesadillas!

30.) anything with Mole sauce on it

31.) because you can learn new words like “Oaxacan”…like the Oaxacan Enchilada!

32.) anything deep fried

33.) Tres Leches Cake

tres hombres tres leches

34.) it just tastes good

35.) Tres Hombres will cater at your house

36.) if you eat too many chips you can take your meal home for lunch the next day

37.) because you can impulsively order as many appetizers as you want

38.) so you can have a “festivious” fiesta


39.) get your daily dosage of calcium (think cheese)

40.) you can eat vegetarian and keep things on the healthy side

41.) you can eat gluten-free too!

42.) casual dress but fancy eats

43.) to go on dates!

44.) for tequila shots, drink responsibly


45.) to write a yelp review about Tres Hombres – hey, we had to try 😉

46.) to wear a sombrero without being asked questions

47.) you want to start a taco food truck and you’re doing market research

48.) because celebrities do it too

49.) you can build a social following as a Mexican food reviewer

50.) because it makes you happy

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