Adventures of The Tres Hombres

“Dear amigos, patrons, family, and Utahns,

It has come to the attention of Tres Hombres Mexican Grill & Cantina management and staff that far too many locals are confusing the true story of the “tres hombres” enshrined on our 50+ year old sign, with rumors and far-fetched fairy tales. As a well known, but unofficial Salt Lake City “landmark”, we feel the need to set the record straight.

Best Utah Restaurants - Tres Hombres Mexican Grill and Cantina

We’ve been proudly serving Utahan’s our fresh, authentic Mexican cuisine since 1984. However, we can’t celebrate our 30th anniversary this summer if people are confused about our three friends atop the Sugarhouse Landmark sign.

Many of you have fond memories of the old building – especially enjoying the outside balcony during the MC Hammer pants and Full House decade (…1990’s), before the renovation in 2000.  However, what many of you may not know is how Don Juan, Miguel, and Paco ended up on our sign at the corner of 3300 south and Highland Drive. Truth is, there really is a great story to tell about our three well-known friends.

Hundreds, maybe even thousands have asked over the years: “why the name tres hombres – and more importantly, who are the three amigos on the sign?”  People believe we named it, “Tres Hombres”, because of three owners and that we just added sombreros to the existing sign. It may be logical and a bit boring, so let’s jump past that and discuss the story of the hombres.

Tres Hombres Adventure Blog seriesTo set the record straight, the three men pictured here are the real Tres hombres.  They continue to inspire and motivates to concoct some delicious dishes for all our fans to continue to enjoy. However, these aren’t your ordinary hombres…

We’d like to officially introduce you to our friends, our inspiration, and three entertaining hombres who’ve experienced more extraordinary adventures together than any other famous trio you know.

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[av_font_icon icon=’ue80a’ font=’entypo-fontello’ style=” caption=” link=” linktarget=” color=’#388700′ size=’20px’ position=’left’][/av_font_icon] Don Juan (Amigo on the left): born in Zacatecas, Mexico, to hard working agave plant farmers, Don Juan is smart, savvy, and leader of the Tres Hombres pack. People have always looked to him for advice and reason.

[av_font_icon icon=’ue80a’ font=’entypo-fontello’ style=” caption=” link=” linktarget=” color=’#388700′ size=’20px’ position=’left’][/av_font_icon]  Miguel (Right side): is the brother of Don Juan and also born in the same small Mexican village. He is the simple, sweet natured hombre type, but is known as a bit of a daydreamer who’s peculiar ideas rarely come to fruition.

[av_font_icon icon=’ue80a’ font=’entypo-fontello’ style=” caption=” link=” linktarget=” color=’#388700′ size=’20px’ position=’left’][/av_font_icon] Paco (Middle): is the brother’s long time friend and was born in the same town as the others. He left Mexico for 15 years to live in Los Angeles as an actor, but returned a year ago without much success. He is naturally a bitter man, but 15 years in LA without one credit has made things worse for him. So, he’s not a great actor, and not really good at anything. BUT, a really entertaining fellow.

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Zacatecas, MexicoWhen you live like these three and meet Celebrity Chefs, like Gordon Ramsey, cater big parties, like Kim Kardashian’s B-day extravaganza, and face restaurant robberies with kitchen utensils as defense, then you sure have some stories that can’t be left untold.

Follow along with the Tres Hombres adventures and experience a few new stories monthly. Be sure to follow us on FaceBook where we may ask for you to join in on the storytelling. No matter if you think it’s corny, funny, lame, entertaining or just curious why there is a blog series on the Tres Hombres, we want to hear your reactions. Some of the stories may not be a good bed time story for the young ones, but we hope you enjoy!

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