Catering Disaster to Catering Service Master

I, Don Juan, am here to not only tell you a story of one of our past catering service events but also share with you something new we just created at Tres Hombres!

Twas the year of 1987 in the month of December and we were becoming really busy in the restaurant as well as with catering events. This one night, we were understaffed and became so busy that the Tres Hombres had to split up to work on different aspects of the business.

Ok, no big deal…

The responsibilities were divvied as such:

Miguel: Tend bar

Don Juan: Server

Paco: Handle/manage takeout and catering service orders.

Miguel was doing an awesome job at tending bar. I was killing it with serving. Paco didn’t seem to mess anything up yet.

Now, Miguel and I thought Paco could handle takeout and catering just fine but oh were we wrong. We were as wrong as a dancer with 3 left feet. We were dead wrong.

I heard Paco hang up the phone and scream “Yippee! I got a catering order! I know it is last minute for this Christmas party but I still got an order!”

I asked Paco if he got the catering event order list and he confirmed. He then reached into his pocket, grabbed a piece of paper and ran out the door.

Ran out the door? Confusing…

However, being that Paco was such a strange cat, I shrugged it off and went back to work.

As the night advanced, there was no Paco… Where could this guy have gone and why wasn’t there any catering list submitted to the kitchen for cooking?


The restaurant was closing and we then began to discuss where Paco could be and why there was no catering order placed.

If it were today, I could call him on his cellular device but back then… no, not back then could I.

At this point, the restaurant was closed and Miguel and I were waiting outside when Paco hopped the curb in the catering truck, slammed on his brakes, and leaned over to open the passenger door while yelling, “get in, we can’t be late, I found everything we need!!!”

Paco was so happy and confident at that point that Miguel and I figured he must have done a great job. We decided to hop in the truck and knockout another catering event. We trusted him.

Trust Paco?

We pulled up to the event, Paco hopped out of the car, slid open the back of the truck, grabbed 26 shopping bags then ran inside before we could say a single word.

Shopping bags? Paco…

Miguel and I knew this was not going to end well so we slunk back into the truck and waited for a good 42 seconds before Paco came dragging the bags back, he was sobbing.

He did it. He messed up the whole event. We gave him one responsibility and he failed. He was simply being… Paco.

Paco switched the catering order list with his Christmas list to Santa! Paco was supremely confused why he was preparing a bunch of gifts for a catering event, but he just went along with it. Did I mention he has trouble thinking critically?

The Takeaway?

Well, although we failed at this event and wasted money on 26 bags of toys and candy, there is a silver lining to this cloud.

We knew we needed to make catering easier. We knew we needed it to be organized yet let people totally customize their orders in the far future, like 2014. But how?

Catering Drag n Drop. That’s it! An online platform where customers can go to our catering page and Browse. Build. Enjoy.Tres Online Catering


With a catering service solution this easy, Miguel and I have decided that we can once again trust Paco to help with catering.

See if you’d trust Paco for your holiday catering party

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