Halloween 2016

Wow Yikes Ahh!!!

Is anyone else starting to feel scared and a little bit creepy? So are we but why you wonder?!

The reason is simple… Halloween is just around the corner!

Say What?

We know Fall is so beautiful and the leaves are glorious but now… This is the season that all of the spooky characters decide to roam the streets and find the treats.

We wanted to get in on this so we have some special stuff this Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos weekend.

What You Should Do…

What is one of the best things to do on Halloween in Utah other than eat delicious Mexican food?

tres hombres weekend special dishes
Halloween Food Specials!

We already mentioned getting treats but there is something else we all love.

It is being allowed to dress up and act totally ridiculous all in the name of creepiness and fun!

All ghosts, ghouls, goblins, super heroes, and monsters can find their true selves and take over the town for the weekend!

What’s Better than That!?

Getting paid to do so! This whole weekend, you are invited to come down to Tres Hombres with your Halloween costumes.

Either before or after you eat some spookily delicious Mexican food, snap a photo of yourself and tag us in it on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.  We will then select our favorite costume(s) and give a $50 gift card among other fun prizes!

Let’s Sweeten the Pot…

We are offering Halloween dinner specials all weekend long. Want to see?

Quick hint… Our special dessert is an intensely satisfying and delicious deep fried pumpkin spice latte ice cream with real pumpkin and cream. Topped with chocolate and dulce de leche.

Dia de Los Muertos!
Dia de Los Muertos!


We Have to Ask…

What do you say to Mexican food, prizes, and fun costumes!?

Let’s hear “Boo!” in a good scary way! Come on down and let’s see what you got this Halloween, Utah!

Let’s Do This

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