Happy Holidays! Tis the Season of Giving!


We want to spice up these holidays with a little bonus.  Do you have a friend or loved one that would like the gift of Tres Hombres? Hopefully you do!

If so, we have a special promotion going on for gift cards.  When you purchase a gift card either over the phone or in the restaurant, we will add another 20% bonus to the gift card value!

What exactly does that mean?

Glad you asked… Let’s say you purchase a $50 gift card for some lucky person.  The total amount on the card will not be $50 but $60, you purchase a $100 gift card, it will have $120 on it!

There is no limit to how much you can purchase on the gift card either. The more, the merrier!

Tres Hombres Utah Christmas Gift Card



Are you a party animal or just want to treat your office to a delicious catered meal?

Either way, it’s perfect! We love catering and want to reward you for choosing us to cater your party or special event.

How will we do this?

Simple… When you order $250+ in catering, we will give you a $50 gift card to use in the restaurant anytime you please.

So, spice up your next holiday party or office lunch and then enjoy your next lunch(es) or dinner(s) on us!


Vida Tequila Dinner Appetizers featuring locally made tequila


Don’t want to go the catering route but want to spend some quality time with your friends, fam, or co-workers?

Head on down to the restaurant to catch up because we are now in full effect of the Happy Appy menu! Nothing like enjoying $5 appetizers, $3 draft beers, and scrumptious special drinks over some awesome conversation!


This menu is available every Sunday-Thursday from 3-6PM.


Pictured: Queso Dip, Autumn Moon, Nachos!
Pictured: Queso Dip, Autumn Moon, Nachos!



New liquor menu! Yes, you read that right! We just released a new liquor menu that is bigger and better than ever!

This is no regular menu… It contains 8 pages of tequila, margaritas, cocktails, beer, tasting notes, and quotes. Think you know everything about tequila after trying a few?

Well… Then test yourself by scanning the back of the menu or visiting our Tequilaness quiz website.



Tequila | Utah| Mexican | Food


To Conclude…

That is what we have planned for December but please continue to check our website, Twitter, and Facebook as we have other surprises and promotions that we aren’t revealing quite yet.

We are SO grateful for all of our awesome and loyal fans.  We appreciate you guys supporting us for over 33 years and sincerely hope that we make your experience delicious, enjoyable, and memorable every time you’re with us.


From all of us at Tres Hombres… Happy Holidays, stay safe, and here’s to many more… Cheers!

Tres Hombres Friends Cocktails

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