Party Catering in Utah

Party Catering in Utah

[av_dropcap1]D[/av_dropcap1]o you have a party coming up in the Salt Lake City area and need catering? We’ve been serving all types of parties along the Wasatch Front and beyond for the last 30 years. As long as you have 20+ people then contact us to help create a custom catering experience for your business event, birthday celebration, wedding, or other party.

Are you in charge of planning?
You have to think about the number of guests, location logistics, food preferences, special diets among guests, decor, and much more. Fortunately, our menu includes a little bit of everything for all tastes and diets. Don’t see enough vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free options on our menu? Chef Mike is more than willing to concoct some delicious dishes for your guests requiring something different from the rest of the party.

What have others said about our party catering?
We have testimonials coming in from people and businesses we’ve catered in the last three decades. You can rely on both our loyal and new patrons to provide insight on what to expect for your experience. They may help answer your questions or give great ideas.

Ready to plan?
Still scouting several catering options for your event and need to save time? Use the online Tres Catering Form to provide us general catering/event details and choose a call-back time (or email response) for one of our catering specialists to get back to you with ideas, prices, and answers to any of your questions.

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