Step Back in Time into Tres Hombres History

At Tres Hombres Mexican Grill and Cantina, it’s not uncommon that your Grandpa introduced you to this place and now you’re bringing your kids here. And since Tres Hombres is coming up on their 30th anniversary, we thought we would give you a glimpse of the history of Tres Hombres.


Meet Don and Mike, owners of Tres Hombres Mexican Grill and Cantina. These guys have been with Tres since the beginning. Make sure to say hello to both during your next dining experience; if they’re not greeting guests around the restaurant, you’ll find them golfing, growing some of the best veggies in town,  or sipping on one of their award winning margaritas or cocktails in their free time.

We sat down with Don and Mike to find out what little gems of Tres Hombres history we could conjure up. You may not know some of these details, or you have fond memories of visiting us in the past. Don’t hesitate to share.



When did Tres Hombres open?

The original Tres Hombres building was at the West end of the current parking lot back in 1984. The current building of Tres was previously a Safeway grocery store, a pharmacy and, most notably, an old carpet warehouse called “Carpet Town.”  We remolded it starting in October 1998 and were back in business in March 1999.

history of tres hombres
Original building and sign of Tres Hombres in 1984.
Current building of Tres Hombres circa 1998.
Current building of Tres Hombres circa 1998.

What about the sign outside with the three men in sombreros, does that have any history behind it?

The sign originally belonged to Carpet Town and was of the three owners (Phil, Dan and Andy) holding carpet rolls. When we bought the building we updated the sign and added sombreros to the three guys. The signs stands today as a local landmark.

Original Sign of Phil, Dan and Andy from Carpet Town.
Original Sign of Phil, Dan and Andy from Carpet Town.
Current Tres Hombres Sign
Current Tres Hombres Sign

What inspired the name “Tres Hombres”?

The name was inspired from the ZZ Top album, Tres Hombres. During one of our catering events at Fairpark we actually got to meet ZZ Top, serve them some food and hang out with the band. It was definitely a memorable moment for us!

ZZ Top Album - Tres Hombres
ZZ Top Album – Tres Hombres

Who has been working with you the longest?

That would probably have to be Martin (pronounced Mar-teen).  Martin is originally from Mexico and he joined the team back in 1986. Martin is currently a beloved bartender here and you’ll always find him with a smile on his face!

Meet Martin back in 1998
Meet Martin back in 1998


Contribute to the History of Tres Hombres

What memories do you have? We would love to read comments about your first dining experience, driving past the sign and wondering what on earth it was, and/or if you remember visiting our old spot. Do you have photos?  If so, PLEASE share them with us on Facebook and we’ll add them to our main gallery, which is currently in development.

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